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Meeting and Event Experts

Lindsay Rauch, CMP, Co- Owner, and Colorado Native : Since co-founding Event Design in 1991, Lindsay has come to know well the challenge of work-life balance. In addition to growing her business and continually developing her management skills, she raises and cares for her two small children. All of this experience allows Lindsay to combine phenomenal meeting and event planning skills with the capacity to relate to clients' work-life balance needs. Her attention to detail and knowledge of Colorado's facilities and resources makes her recognized as one of the best planners in the state.

Rick Rauch, Co-Owner : Even in a world of minute details, an organization needs someone to keep an eye on the big picture and that's Rick's role. His macroview of things has complimented the viewpoint of Event Design Group's event coordinators to provide a balanced picture of our clients' projects. Rick is also the one that keeps up with what's new in the area of creating the guest experience. He also heads up our Upslope Mountain Tours department.

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